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Thread: First DE came with two blade types... need recommendations! :)

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    Hey, I am one for the Wilkinson Swords that you can get at Walmart dirt cheap!!! They shave beautifully and last for several shaves 4+, just posted somewhere about it earlier today I think! They have a nice cut and work very well on my super coarse hair.

    I have tried the Personnas, and they are wonderful as are the Derbys, but I don't find either to be a superior shaver to the Wilkinson for my face!

    I have not had good luck with the feathers! They are very sharp and give an unbelievable shave, but I can't use one more than twice and I end up with a touch more razor burn! They ARE that SHARP!

    YMMV, but for $1.75 for the Wilkinsons at Walmart, it can't hurt to try them!
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    I really like the Astra Superior Platinum blades. They feel great and I got 100 of them for around $10 from Amazon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smalltank View Post
    Blue n white Israeli Personna blades are great..platinum and chrome coated
    I've been doing some research into the Tesco blades I use, and waddaya know..? They're 'rebadged' Personna blades.
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    Another fan of the Astra Superior Platinum's here . I've only really tried a couple of brands so far but I like the Astra's the best... Worst so far for me were the Merkur's (I was surprised at this). The Merkur's pulled and nicked me from brand new. Everybody's face is different though so I would also recommend you try a sample pack to see what works best for you. Definitely loving my Astra's though, and they're dirt cheap to boot!

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