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Thread: Welcome to the Shavette Forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natz View Post
    Not sure if you're being serious, but I still recommend a Parker as a viable option, I've heard Dovo Shavettes inserts can break over time and the double hinge in the Parker is solid and I haven't had to deal with any slippage. It doesn't cost a ton of money, and you can use half a DE blade to extend the use of it.

    As for blades, I'd suggest a sample pack, since all faces aren't created equal.

    Don't believe the hype: It won't cut you any worse than a DE would, just watch your angles. Coming from a straight, you should already have that down, Howie.


    Well, partly serious. I went the cheap way and got the Feather Artist Club DX Stainless Steel Razor Teak Wood Handle.

    I went that way because I'm passing it on to my Grandson (16) when he comes to visit. We're 190 miles apart and teaching him to hone and strop gets logistically difficult. This way, since the above razor has the heft and feel of a regular straight, I can find out if he will take care of it and stick with it or not. If he does I have traditional straights, hones and strops put back for him and my other Grandson, his older brother. If he does OK, then we'll find a way to teach him honing and stropping. If it doesn't suit him/them, then there'll be a FAC DX in the classifieds, probably, or I might just keep it for travel.

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    I have been using a shavette for a couple of weeks and starting to get it down pretty good. I am using a cheapie from Sally's Beauty Supply and no, I don't normally shop there LOL! But Google Maps sent me there and so that's where I got my shavette. I hope to not be a shavette user for long, though. I am on the road with my Uncle and I have my two new (to me) straights waiting for me at home, and I will probably be going home in a couple of days. I have a customized modified Gold Dollar and a Dovo Best Quality waiting for me, as my first straight razors. Meanwhile I will make the following observations:

    1. CORK the blade the first time! It really smooths it out. My Uncle used to use a DE razor and he would sometimes draw the blade once or twice through a cork before the first shave on it, depending on the brand. He suggested it to me after seeing my face after my first shave, and it really does help.

    2. STRETCH the skin, making ugly faces or using the fingers. flaps of loose skin are just an invitation to get your face amputated.

    3. KEEP THE RAZOR NEARLY FLAT AGAINST THE SKIN. I was told to use only very light feathery pressure but I have had better results with a little bit more pressure and a flat angle of attack. It is the difference between scraping and shaving.

    The last several shaves I have mostly been cut free, and mostly pretty good shaves, and I am still very much a newbie. These things are supposed to suck but I am making mine work just fine so maybe I am on the right track or something. Hey, even a broke clock is right twice a day, right?

    I am looking forward to being an EX-shavette user, though. But I think this thing has taught me a lot and I am glad I went there. I hope everyone here has the same good results as me.

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    I use and love all the four razor family ... SR, SE, DE, Shavette.
    Shavette are fast, easy ... and in the right hand safe and comfortable!!
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    I use all of them too.
    A shavette is a very fine way to shave. It was my first wet shave experience, with my Universal...

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    I started with a dovo as a cheap entry to see if I liked the idea of SR shaving. I loved it once I figured out the right razors to use and how often to swap the razors out.

    I also travel often for work about 80-100% of the time. The dovo is a great tool for the road no need to pack a strop or worry about dulling my blades. A small package of replaceables is all I need. Now finding the replaceables has become the challenge.

    I don't know if I will every get around to sharpening or using the straights I bought a year ago. Still need to purchase a strop, learn to hone, and restore the old blades.

    Im a fan of the dovo product.
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    I started off quite a while ago with a Parker disposable straight razor. I absolutely love it! Great quality for what you pay and it is always razor sharp (pun intended). I am able to adjust to many different angles from flat to scraping skin at 90 degrees (if for some reason I wanted to). It's quick, easy, and truly painless once you get it all down. Is it a beautiful collectable piece of steel that I can hone and sharpen to unthinkable sharpness? No! But it is an affordable option that gives consistent DFS shaves in about 20 minutes Not bad for travel either
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    I picked up a shavette earlier this year and I use it during the week, alternating between that and the Parker with the steel handle. However, I learned SR shaving on Dovo straight that I bought from Lynn on SRD. I still love that razor, but in the morning when you're pressed for time, I don't always have time to do the stropping. I use the black holder with the long Dovo blades.

    I have to say, though, that I think it's tougher to shave with a shavette than with the SR. In fact, I would not recommend to anyone that they start off with a shavette because they're so sharp. That's a real machined razor blade in there.

    But I like both the Parker and the shavette.

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    My transitional step from DE to Straight Razors came with a "Basic Training" period with shavettes. Naturally I progressed to traditional straight razors and for several years used them almost exclusively but here lately I've rekindled my relationship with the much maligned shavette. Always a affordable, very low maintenance and great shaves, what's not to like?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1OldGI View Post
    My transitional step from DE to Straight Razors came with a "Basic Training" period with shavettes. Naturally I progressed to traditional straight razors and for several years used them almost exclusively but here lately I've rekindled my relationship with the much maligned shavette. Always a affordable, very low maintenance and great shaves, what's not to like?
    Good thoughts 10OldGI!

    Guess that's one of the great things about this type of shaving. While I have a Parker, which I'm not overly impressed with, it did provide a great shave. Haven't used the thing in a long time.

    However, I could see at one point getting a nice Feather, change things up a bit, just like straights, some day's a nice 4/8th or 5/8th, others a monster 9/8 or a wedge, you can use what your mood dictates, which is great!

    It's fun and interesting to have different options available, and be able to have a cool selection of different tools!


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    I have 2. 1 given to me by my uncle and 1 Duck for the collection. I got a case of DD blades and have yet to try either one of them. You guys almost make me think I should :<0).
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