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Thread: Welcome to the Shavette Forum.

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    Very well informed post noob . qatora Welcome. You clearly know a thing or two about shavettes.

    I shaved with a Feather AC for a couple years straight and you’re right. It can make you sore if you aren’t careful. I found myself doing two passes with it and calling it good. And it was good. Great even.

    But I have no idea what the end of your post means or why you posted a video of Jarred shaving - though I do get a kick out of him humming as he shaves lol.

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    Welcome to the forum Qatora - great first post, you've obviously been doing this for awhile.

    I just shaved off the mu goatee, almost like learning to shave with a straight again, had to watch a favourite video of mine several times, what I've been doing to shave the upper lip and chin area.

    And when I almost went to do a ATG pass on the lip, the famous phrase of the, "fools pass" came to mind...not going to do it.

    WTG and XTG on the upper lip, just keep doing it like Willi here:

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