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Thread: Inquiring minds want to know

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    Default Inquiring minds want to know

    If next week Gillette came out with a cartridge razor and it actually did shave every bit as good as a straight and it was super comfortable and it was reasonably priced and it was fast would you switch?

    Really the question boils down to, do you use a straight because you want to use one or because it gives you the best shave or is it more complex than that?
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    The answer is no I would not switch and yes, I use a straight whenever I can and a DE at other times, because I want to. And yes, it is more complex than that.

    There is an entire perspective on life associated with taking the time and developing the skills to prepare and use the wet shaving instruments, including my face, for a personal and reflective experience. I slow things down and think about things differently when shaving with a straight. It isn’t a chore; it’s a pleasurable retreat.

    For the same reason, I prefer real, tangible books to e-books even though I buy both, but the ones I reread are printed on paper and the ones I treasure are hardcover. Reading a real book is a much more intense and personal experience for me than reading an e-book, which I have usually purchased for a specific purpose.

    I also used to wear tie-it-yourself bow ties, because I felt good about being able to do it and I enjoyed the unique look, the challenge of tying one just right and the connection to another era. I have recently started to. wear suspenders instead of a belt because this aging body finds it more comfortable, and funnily enough, I like the look.

    Maybe it’s about enjoying the experience instead of focusing on just getting things done. It makes me happy.
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    No, I wouldn’t switch. I shave with a straight because I get a kick out of doing it, and with a DE when I need to because it reminds me of my youth,and that’s nice.

    I will admit that when the local drugstore puts the nicer disposables on a deep sale because whatever company is coming out with a new model, I buy a few to use when I travel by plane (I don’t check bags).
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    I would not switch.
    It’s more complex than just time and comfort. Of course for me comfort is everything. However at this point I have gone way past knee deep into the whole realm of straights. It is not just about shaving anymore.
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    Wouldn’t switch, but I would buy one to add to the experience.
    My fav shave shall always be from a straight since finding the interest in 13.
    But I do appreciate a quick shave, or car shave in a pinch when I hafta so yup, I’d buy one.
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    Yup, it is more complex than that.

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    I wouldn't switch.

    I love everything about straight razor shaving.

    I don't ever remember anything coming close to giving me as good a shave as a straight razor.
    The daily ritual is total "me" time which is peaceceful and zen like.
    I have too much invested in over 100 razors to consider anything else. I love the hunting and collecting.
    I love the challenge of honing razors. I learn something from every one of them. new Gilette's for me.

    Pete <:-}
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    I've been wet shaving for 56 years and have never used a cart, and have no intentions of doing so now. I enjoy the whole process of using and maintaining a straight. I enjoy learning about their history, and enjoy discussing this hobby with others from around the world. I appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into producing most straights and find many straights beautiful to look at. I do occasionally shave with an SE when in a hurry to get off to work early in the morning, but I always look forward to the zen moment that using a straight affords. I also like the straight razor community, who are often willing to help others and share their knowledge and camaraderie.

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    Nope, I wouldn't switch.
    I enjoy the experience of the straight way too much.

    But if Gillette put out a decent straight then I might buy one to add to the herd.
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    It's a lifestyle thing that goes along with other things. Suits me.

    Besides, multi-blades are too easy to apply pressure and do more than shave.
    All I got was irritation and ingrown hairs.
    The prep, lather and procedure with a straight is most rewarding.

    I went from clippers to straights.

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