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Thread: Site changes in the near future

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    Smile just curious

    It seems that things have already begun to stagnate a bit. Aren't there some new changes that could be implemented to further streamline, er... hone, the site to new levels of baby butt like smoothness of operation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gugi View Post
    Yes, there is. It's also a bit harder than turning off the signatures, so that's probably why it may not happen too soon, if it ever does. You can try to bribe a developer - that probably has the best chance of making it happen...
    Did'nt seem to be a problem when they turned them off in the SOTD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mvcrash View Post
    Did'nt seem to be a problem when they turned them off in the SOTD.
    In case you missed the context of my response it was to:
    Quote Originally Posted by dow
    Is there a way to make them less, umm, for lack of a better word, obvious?
    So, yes, turning them on and off is trivial, making them less 'in your face' is harder. But don't take my word for it - do it yourself and give me the CSS code to plug in. Or if you prefer write a patch to the plugin that does it so that they're incorporated differently in the layout.
    I know I can do it, but I wasn't born learned, in fact I learned everything necessary to do it for the sole purpose of improving SRP. So, anybody else who wants to help out can just do what I did, as well. Much more productive than ranting over other people's prioritizing.

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