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Thread: OOPS - am I the only one dumb enough to have made this mistake when preparing lather?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10Pups View Post
    You keep your Preparation H in a different drawer than your Crest right ? Just trying to help prevent future mishaps :<0)
    almost peed my pants reading this one
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    Like Nelson, not razor related but new in laws and my new wife, were all going to have breakfast , well I just happen to make the best sausage gravy around,( it's a food group all on its own). At my new family's house I told them to sit back and well feast on some biscuits and gravy,, well I was not getting it to thicken as it should it added a little thickener not suspecting what was happining and served it up ,,, what I thought was flour while making ( in sa strange kitchen) my Rue. It turned out to be confectioners sugar,, they ate a few bites before they told me they didn't like their gravy that sweet!! Ya I hear about this every time we get together and I offer to cook. Tc
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    It would have been a slick shave either way...

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