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Thread: Wanted 1 Gallon B positive blood

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    Phrank you can count on that, the dizziness is clearing up.
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    "I don't always shave, but when I do I use a straight"

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdwinM View Post
    Phrank you can count on that, the dizziness is clearing up.
    Yes, be careful with that pass...that's the one, next to the scything pass, that can lead to very, very bad places, like the Emergency Room...if you make it that far!

    For me, doing ATG on my face is one thing, fairly easy, and didn't start doing that until after I could slowly struggle my way through the ATG pass on my neck. Now, ATG doesn't cut it with my beard grown up and slightly towards the center of my face. So I have to do a scything type pass, at around a 45 degree angle, sweeping up from my neck ear area under my chin to get a close shave. I just take my time, always lots of short strokes with leaning the head back to stretch the skin or using my fingers to hold the skin in place to there's good contact with the blade. Stretching is vital.

    Take your time...but good on ya! Shave and learn....keep at it, 6 months from now you'll wonder how you shaved any other way!
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    Don't worry, after 100+ shaves it will be second nature to you with no nicks or cuts. I still keep my styptic pencil close by though. ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jpshaver View Post
    First time I used my RW Purist - I now have a scar on my left cheek

    Not joking
    They can be wicked....especially if you let that point take the lead....
    Mine is currently in detention...
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    Been at it for a year now and still nick my self about once a week. Usually at the end of my shave when I feel I am in the home stretch and pick up the speed. Dont be in a hurry and back off the pressure. I have two straights and a shavette that I rotate thru during the week and all of them have bit me all for the same reasons. Being heavy handed and going to fast. You will get there just keep at it.
    Semper Fidelis

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