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    by Published on 08-13-2023 10:17 AM
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    Wade & Butcher FBU
    SRD, Roo Strop.
    Catie's Bubbles.
    Outback Magna Badger.
    Aqua Velva, Ice Blue.

    by Published on 11-10-2022 05:29 AM
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    F. Herder 50 razor in Max’s blue paua scales
    Kanayama 30.000 strop
    Custom J & T badger brush
    Camaldoli doppo barba
    Institut Karité shea face serum
    Ganymede EdP

    Do check the Movember auctions in th BST section! And tell your shaving friends to do so too!
    by Published on 04-30-2014 12:20 AM   
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    If you were not here you missed one of the best times ever. I can not think of a single person who did not have a blast at the recent Asheville meetup. If you have not seen the pictures jump over to the forum thread so you can see all the things that happened. This turned out better than the team had hoped for.