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    by Published on 11-18-2016 06:04 PM
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    Today several company's are trying to make a name for themselves by introducing safety razors into the market. It's nice to see that a vintage beauty of nearly 70 years old can still hold it's own. Enjoy this article by member; Obie.

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    Welcome! We like pictures here! (they would also be helpful)

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    Covid new reality

    Here's a little video from Dr Fauci. Maybe i'm not understanding him correctly, but he seems to be saying this is all a big clinical trial.

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    I.D. razor

    Hi all - 1st time user to this site. My name is Morgan. I am looking for any information on a straight razor I bought locally in an antique store. The

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    I have been looking for miss read names many a time but it adds to the drama of solving the mystery .. My Josh Drake is leading nowhere yet.Cheers

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    Salm Rock

    La Pyrenees stones work for setting bevels. Thiers-Issard uses them on their razors and they are generally considered on the coarser end of the spectrum

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    You sure like to put words in peoples mouths. But then again that's how the right operates. Just twist someone's words so it meets their agenda.

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