• Aristocrat, Indeed

    Today several company's are trying to make a name for themselves by introducing safety razors into the market. It's nice to see that a vintage beauty of nearly 70 years old can still hold it's own. Enjoy this article by member; Obie.


    Some double edge safety razors, no matter their age, or formidable competition, deserve the esteem in which they are held. The Gillette Aristocrat is a perfect example, for it is truly an Aristocrat.

    Through the years, I have shaved with a long parade of double edge razors, old and new, closed or open comb, mild or aggressive, and none has sweetened my shave as much as the Gillette Aristocrat. I have two 1948 models both saved for my grandsons and shave with them from time to time. I am a predominantly straight razor shaver.

    No, the Aristocrat is no match for the Muhle R41 in the closeness of shave, or the Above the Tie , or the Wolfman , or the scores of other impressive shavers. The Aristocrat is a mild razor that can give a comfortable shave. For me, a sweet shave.

    The 1948 Aristocrat is my favorite of all the double edge razors I have used. Matched with the Feather, Super Iridium, Gillette yellows or Personna red packs, the razor gives me a fairly close shave, but more importantly, a comfortable shave. Not only that, but the razor's overall design, looks, weight, grip and quality make me feel as if I'm holding a jewel in my hand.

    I just like this razor. Love it is more correct. If I were to have one double edge safety razor, the 1948 Gillette Aristocrat would be it, because for me, it is the sweetest.

    Gentlemen, do you have a double edge razor that you can call your sweetest?

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