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Thread: My first firearm purchase...disaster

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    No need to apologize Glen! All great conversation and some great stories
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    Quote Originally Posted by outback View Post
    Man, that muzzle brake gonna make that sucker loud, Glen. Can't go wrong with the 70, would've snatched it up myself.

    I love it when I'm at the range with my Mossberg 4x4, in 300 Win Mag. Everyone there jumps when it goes off.

    Attachment 319285

    A beast of a cartridge, compared to..
    7.62x 39
    250 Savage

    Attachment 319286

    Recoil isn't punishing, and can load them to basically the same ballistics as the 338 Lapua.

    Your gonna have some fun with that Winchester.
    May I ask what you have chambered in 250? I think the 250 is a heck of a round and some fine guns were chambered for it.

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    Well, it only took 6 months (4 months after my 30th birthday) for my birthday give to completely come to fruition! I've had the rifle for quite a while now but have been waiting on the scope + mount. Finally got around to putting it all together and got some photos for you all!

    It's a Merkel KR-1 Premium Stutzen in .243 Winchester with a Leupold FX-II Ultralight scope.

    Beautiful rifle with some amazing engineering. Shoots effortlessly and the action is smoooooth. I'm usually not a fan of blued metal but I actually like it on this rifle.

    I originally had a Swarovski straight-tube to go on this but it turned out too big for the rifle so I went with the Leupold. I believe it's Leupold's smallest scope but it works amazingly well, received many great reviews, and I can't help but love that the gold ring matches the gold pieces on the rifle Looks like I'll have to save the Swaro for my next rifle (still want the original rifle I intended to purchase which was the Sako).

    Not bad for a first rifle but as some of you eluded to earlier, I'm about 30 years overdue for my own firearm

    My only complaint is the weight. Rifle + scope are about 10lbs which is up there compared to other rifles I've shot. Can't wait to go hunting!! Got me a 5 year membership to the NRA too, hopefully that was money well spent and may we all continue to enjoy our beautiful 2nd Amendment

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