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    I am trying to understand what you did with the 1st razor. How do you get a razor to go into the belt and crack it?
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    Extra sensory perception for blade makers has two components. You will know if you have this sensitivity to future events by identifying the following behaviors.

    First: before you begin doing anything, previous experience says in your mind "I have to remember to be careful and obey the safety rules as this tool can ________. It will hurt, I'll have to stop work for superglue and partner will give me that look again..." In spite of your natural resistance to safety gear (or, This will just take a second. I'll be okay.), you even put on stout gloves, facemask etc. Really you should stop here and go hunt mushrooms or walk in the woods, anything but working on something in the shop.

    Second: about two to three seconds BEFORE you stick some fleshy bit into a 5000 surface feet per minute 36 grit belt, or the workpiece catches the belt or somesuch, YOU have the thought "This is going to happen..." This is your last chance to prevent injury.

    That gives you about two to three seconds to prevent what the beginning of the day told you was going to happen but you didn't listen. You still have two to three seconds to change history. If I catch the open window and feel the time slowed passage of the incident missing's time for a break. I might escape about 1 time out of 10. Or after the bandaging and other necessary recovery, it's time for a break and creative excuse making.

    This kind of wisdom takes multiple encounters to drive into consciousness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
    I am trying to understand what you did with the 1st razor. How do you get a razor to go into the belt and crack it?
    It all happened so quick and unexpectedly. I had a newer 36 grit on and was sneaking up on the last few thousandths. I was grinding with the shoulder just touching the edge of the belt, while trying to get a slightly fat spot out of the heel and I felt something tick the shoulder. It knocked the blade loose from my grip as I was just getting the bevel even. I grabbed the blade and in doing so the edge touched the edge of the belt then threw it in my bucket of water. I pulled it out and looked at it. Seemed ok but for a small nick where the edge hit the belt. At that point I started going up in grits. I got to 180 and all of a sudden a 1/8” crack appears right where the nick is. Oh well, gave me a chance learn and an excuse to fire up the forge.
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