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    I too corresponded with Dave and enjoyed his kindness and calmness. He was truly a class act and I will miss him. Very sad to lose him from this gang of gentlemen.

    A link to his obituary:
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    I've known Dave for a while now. Just recently he purchased the bottle opener that was my daughter's first forging project. He was really excited about it and took pics with it. I knew Dave as a kind and friendly man. I will miss him.
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    Prayers sent to his loved ones.

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    Just learning about Dave's death, and I'm very sad. As I look at my own children, and then see pictures of him with his, almost brings me to tears. He was always awesome to chat with, and made me smile on the regular while floating around these pages here. This life can be very difficult, and I'm learning that more and more as time passes very quickly. Love, love, and even more love will get you through it. Hold onto the ones you love dearest, tell them everyday!

    He was kind enough to send me a framing hammer head a while back, and I hold it in my hand now and will always cherish it.

    So long brother.
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