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  1. A change

    by , 01-13-2018 at 10:25 PM
    For a while I debated whether I should post something or not. Given that my blog contains several posts that I've written in my role of administrator, I thought I should clear up some confusion that might arise from my silence. As of Jan 05, 2018, I have resigned from my administrative roles, and went back to being a regular member. The mentors invited me to join them, and I accepted that invitation.

    From now on, I'll keep myself occupied only with topics related to forging, and the ...
  2. What grit is a light green Thuri ?

    by , 10-22-2017 at 02:12 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Skinflint View Post
    With a Thuri raised slurry?
    Plain water?
    A fast cutting finisher . One to hold onto and learn its ways About equal to 12K+
  3. Who put that on my razor?!

    by , 08-02-2017 at 12:50 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by markbignosekelly View Post
    Yup water spots, I get those on one or two razors just by looking at them the wrong way, one razor gets them before even finishing a shave.
    Mass polish will remove them but as mentioned use some painters tape to protect the etching. I have found using renaissance-wax really helps protect my razors.
    Picreator Enterprises LTD | Materials for Professional Restoration and Conservation.

    A little goes a long way.
  4. Pipe of the Day

    by , 05-20-2017 at 08:17 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by apipeguy View Post
    Down in Berryville Arkansas hanging out and shooting with Bill Wilson and Ken Hackathorn, just finished a bowl of Old Joe Krantz in a Castello Castello. Doesn't get any better than this. Heading home in the morning.

    Lucky Dude!!! Sounds like my kind of day!!!
  5. Grandfather's Razor

    by , 03-22-2017 at 04:12 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Dav View Post
    Hey guys,

    I dug up my grandfather's old razor and I was wondering if you guys had any additional info about it. I've researched the Union Cutlery Co. that became Ka-Bar today, but I'm unsure if this razor falls under their make. I wasn't sure if the Union "Razor" Cutlery Co. in Union City, Georgia was the same company. Does anyone know if this is a quality enough razor to shave with?
    Yes, the Union Cutlery razors are perfectly good shavers and that one is in great ...
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