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  1. Cleaned Up My Otto Deutsch Hans With My Dremel, Maas Polish & Mothers Chrome Polish

    by , 02-21-2015 at 11:44 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by engine46 View Post
    Here is how I cleaned up my Otto Deutsch Hans I recently got off eBay. The first pic is what it looked like when I first got it. As you can see the scales looked black & were filthy.
    Name:  IMG_7240.jpg
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    I took it to my kitchen sink where I did the work to it. I did it here so when the blade got warm, I just turned the faucet on & cooled the blade, wiped it off with a dry rag & started polishing again. You can also do this with a glass of water nearby. I usually

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  2. How I Make Duck Scales 4

    by , 07-01-2014 at 03:50 AM
    Continue to the other side:
    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (35).jpg
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    Now here is where it gets TRICKY!

    Go UP in sandpaper grit and continue to sand. I use 400 to 600 or even 1200 depending on how close I am getting to the final shape.

    REMEMBER if you go too far you have to start over again!

    It is pretty easy to take off wood but not so much to add it! J

    Sand a few strokes then test fit.

    Sand, test, sand, ...

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  3. How I make Duck Scales 3

    by , 07-01-2014 at 03:41 AM
    This is about how close you want to be right now:
    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (23).jpg
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    Measuring up for thickness: This is GOOD!
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    Make sure they are pretty even on both ends:
    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (28).jpg
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    What we have so far:
    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (27).jpg
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    Here is a GREAT tip I came across after doing multiple scales. Cut some sandpaper in long thin strips: ...
  4. How I make Duck Scales 2

    by , 07-01-2014 at 03:34 AM
    Back to the sander:
    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (13).jpg
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    Get them close to your final shape:

    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (14).jpg
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Size:  32.9 KBName:  Wonderedge Ebony (15).jpg
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    The scales LOOK longer
    here but I think it is an optical illusion.
    Maybe because they are smoothed out?

    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (16).jpg
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    Drill the pin holes:
    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (18).jpg
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    I Tape the original scale to the top ...
  5. How I make Duck Scales 1

    by , 07-01-2014 at 03:25 AM
    How I make Duck Scales:

    Break down the razor:
    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (1).jpg
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    Make a template of the scales.

    I use masking tape to transfer scale design onto wood:

    If you have a scanner you can scan them also. Holes show up nicely.

    NOTE: Make sure the
    scales have not SHRUNK!
    Name:  Wonderedge Ebony (3).jpg
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    Cut out a rough shape:
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