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Thread: Sun September 11th - Sat September 17th

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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeRunner001 View Post
    I almost ran away too when I saw this M&W, LOOOL. beautiful razor though

    PS: What's up with you torturing your cats, LOL?
    Cheers Robert! Well, you've got to have some fun ... Lol. She gets these bad dreadlocks, her fur is thick, thick, and then thick. She doesn't like the cutting, at all, but she purrs when she's walking around later and she can actually wash her self in a proper way.
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    Default Week of September 11 SOTD - Sunday

    "We Will NEVER Forget 9/11"
    An ALL AMERICAN Shave in Honor of the Victims of that day

    Pre-Shave: Hot shower
    Brush: 26mm Rudy Vey Custom w/ TGN Grade A Silvertip Badger
    Glensterpiece: 5/8" Genco "Easy Aces", Full Hollow Ground, Spike Point (w/ Swirl Acrylic scales)
    Strop: 25/45/20 (Neil Miller Linen / Imperial Horsehide leather / Imperial Cordovan leather) - Reviewed HERE.
    Überlather: Jack Black "Macademia / Soy" Triple cushion Shave Creme + Mama Bear "Ye Ol' Barbershoppe" Shave Soap + Glycerin
    Toner: Thayer's Witch Hazel (Rose, no alcohol)
    Moisturizer: Nancy Boy Facial Moisturizer
    After Shave Splash: Ralph Lauren "Safari" AS
    Cologne: Ralph Lauren "Safari" EdT
    Results: Early shave this AM as I am heading out the door for a breakfast meeting following by a family get together. I dedicate this shave to the victims of 9/11 . The Genco was restored in all her glory by Glen. The Rudy Vey speaks for itself as does the Mama Bear and NancyBoy. I love the Barbershoppe scent. All around a fabulous, unhurried and enjoyable shave to commemorate this special day.

    PS: For those interested, I finally got around to writing a complete review of the Pegasus strop (link HERE).

    Have a PEACEFUL Sunday gentlemen. Be safe

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    Default SOTD 9/11/11 Sunday Morning

    Nice beautiful late summer day here in North Idaho, nice enough to get a bunch of us together and head up to Roman Nose Lakes (Google Map that ) on the 4 Wheelers..
    Been up all morning so I decided that I had time to shower and shave before I head out so I can get covered it dirt and dust all day..
    Now some of you SRP veterans might know what that silver thing is in the pic and what it is used for, but for you newer guys that is a Snurdle Dipper 2.1 go ahead search that out

    Shave Cream: Castle Forbes Lime
    Shave Soap: Classic Lime
    5 drops of Glycerin

    Razor: Livi 6/8 re-grind that I have been testing for a friend
    Brush: 28mm Shavemac Silvertip
    Strop: SRD Premium 1 25/50
    AfterShave: Pusser's West Indies Lime

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    Have a Great Day !!!! and Never Forget
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    Default Sunday Morning

    Prep: Hot shower -- followed by Proraso pre-post-shave cream
    SS/SC: MWF + The J. Peterman Co. “1903”
    Brush: Simpsons PL8 “Super Badger”
    Strop: VB Red Latigo 50 fabric; 60 leather
    Razor: 5/8” Gotta 120 “Superfine”
    Astringent: Thayers “Lemon” Witch Hazel w/ Aloe Vera
    ASB: The J. Peterman Co. “1903”
    EDC: The J. Peterman Co. “1903”
    Result: A spectacular, if bittersweet, 9/11 shave…

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    Remembering 9/11:

    America Remembers - Picture Stories-
    "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." Mark Twain

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    Default SOTD_9.11.2011

    Semogue Custom | MWF | Maxtom | Alum | Sabon | Sigilli Claudiae

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    Razor:Jones Mfg. Co.
    Brush:Jade and brass handled boar
    Soap:Arko shave stick
    AS:Thayers Lavender and Clubman original
    Result:Wonderful 2 pass shave with some of the softest American steel I've ever used. This is my second go with the Arko and I can see this becoming one of my go to soaps. Lathers easily with great cushion and glide.
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    Prep: Two Mile Run, Cool Shower
    Razor: 1908 Gillette Single Ring Old Style
    Blade: Personna
    Brush: VDH Boar
    Soap: TSD English Fern
    AS: Dickinson's Witch Hazel
    Finish: Agua Lavanda Puig

    Great Sunday dome and face shave!
    The older I get, the better I was

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    Good evening Gentlemen!

    Shave prep: Face wash
    Brush:Soap: Palmolive cream / Palmolive stick / glycerine
    Scuttle: Robert Becker large
    Razor: Wade & Butcher, 5/8 wedge french point
    Strop: nun2sharp's hanging leather strop
    After Shave Splash: Provence home made splash, herbs over lavender
    Notes: I picked this razor specifically for today's shave after yesterday's misère, it is perhaps my softest edge. The lather provided good cushioning and enough glide that I could carefully work over last afternoons blunder, and I'm happy to say I managed to get a decent shave in. The light and refreshing herbaceous splash seemed perfect for this cool autumn afternoon.

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    Have a great week guys!

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    Locale:The Razors Lair
    Music: Ted Nugent - Double Live Gonzo
    prep: Hot shower / Shea Butter Soap / Virgin Oil Rub (lots)
    Strop: Cnat 20 laps / Star Chestnut 25/100
    Brush: Custom WillN Silvertip in Honey Locust
    Uber: RazoRock Cacao / Glycerine
    Razor: W. Bingham 'Kerry-Gow' 4/8 Wedge
    Post: Ali Baliki Alum - Humphrey's Alcohol Free Face Toner
    AS: Lucky Tiger Alcohol Free
    EDT: Stetson
    Result:3 days growth gone in a single pass!! This little guy was one of my first razors I restored. I kept it all original as my first wedge. Smooth as butter after 20 laps on the newly lapped PHIG. Prep for this shave on Sunday morning was what I imagine heaven must be like!! It took 1 1/2 hours to get out of the bathroom I was enjoying myself so much. Clean up with my Weishi DE was hardly necessary. No burn, rash or bumps this time!! Yay!

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    Happy Shaves!!!!

    ​-- Any day I get out of bed, and the first thing out of my mouth is not a groan, that's going to be a good day --

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    Default SOTD 9-11-11

    * Today's SOTD is in memoriam to the two dozen alumni from my New York City high school killed on September 11, 2001. . . . Rest in peace Bobby.

    Shumate Shuraco | Simpson M7 | Wrisley's Lavender | Saint Charles Shave Avocado

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