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Thread: Top DE razors in your opinion

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    My favorite razor is the Merkur, because they are more aggressive. Specifically, the slant (37c or 39c) is my favorite Merkur.

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    What a tough question (as they all are), but I shave with a DE about 3 times/week, so why I have 5 or 6 is a good question, but:

    #1 for me is a brand new Merkur 37c that I got in the mail this week, and have only shaved with twice, BUT, it gets an amazing close shave and is super comfortable to use, pretty much with worry. I had to buy it after seeing (I think) BobH speak well of it. It is unique to me. I thought it was bent at first . I used an Astra Platinum blade for the first shave. When it gives up, I'll with to the Israeli Personnas or a Feather.

    #2 is my Gillette J4 TTO that I think is a more expensive (bought a few years ago) version of the first I ever used more than 50 years ago. I like it with any blade, because I can adjust it to the blade feel. I usually use Feather or the Personna's, but occasionally a Gillette for nostalgia's sake.

    #3, and the award for closest shave, is my Muhle R41, which I put a Maggard HD stainless handle on. It gives me a great close shave with almost any blade, but I have to be slower and more careful for avoid irritation.

    I'll add to this after more shaves with the 37c, but it may be a while, because this week is SR week.

    I've really enjoyed this thread. Thanks as usual guys!
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    Merkur 37C would be my pick with the Maggard MR8 a very close second (the MR8 is a very husky very heavy razor and a great shaver)
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